The strategic location of the Port of Algeciras Bay as the sea-bridge between Europe and Africa has allowed more and more commercial traffic to flow between both shores of the Strait of Gibraltar. More than 460,000 heavy goods vehicles pass through Port of Algeciras facilities each year on the lines that connect us to Ceuta and Tanger Med.

Quay / DockNº BerthsDraft
Galera 8 -10,5 m
Isla Verde Interior 1 -10,0 m
Isla Verde Exterior Norte 1 -17,5 m
Isla Verde Exterior – Muelle adosado al dique de abrigo 1 -18,5 m
Ingeniero Castor R. del Valle 1 -14,5 m
Juan Carlos I Norte 1 -9,0 m
Juan Carlos I Sur 1 -10,5 m
Principe Felipe 1 -14,5 m



Heavy Goods Terminal