Piloting is the advisory service given to ships’ captains (and other such vessels afloat) to help with arrival, departure and other nautical manoeuvres safely within the geographical limits of our piloting zone. This advisory service is given aboard ships and includes instruction given by pilots from the very moment a pilot leaves the piloting station. During the service, the piloted ships’ captain is in charge of the bridge, steering and manoeuvring.

Port of Algeciras Pilots’ Corporation

Estación Marítima Algeciras Área Comercial 1ª Planta

11201 Algeciras

+34 956 65 20 56

+34 956 63 42 25



Port of Tarifa Pilots’ Corporation

Apdo. de Correos 228

11380 Tarifa

+34 956 68 04 66

+34 956 62 70 71