To and from: Ceuta and Tanger Med

Passenger Terminal: The main passenger terminal building occupies a 12,000m2 surface area, with the ground floor used for ticket sales, shipping line offices, shops and institutional offices, and the disembarkment lounge. The top floor is occupied by luggage, passport and ticket control facilities, a cafeteria and the embarkment lounges.

The annexe building is a shopping centre covering 7,900m2 and also distributed over two floors: the ground floor is used for office space by travel agencies and shipping lines and the top floor is shared between freight forwarders and shipping lines. The western wing of the building houses our heliport that is managed by AENA.


To and from: Tánger city

Passenger Terminal: The passenger terminal building occupies a 2,116m2 surface area distributed over two floors: ticket sales offices, a cafeteria and the shipping-line check-in areas are located on the ground floor, along with institutional offices, and the top floor is likewise occupied by institutional offices.