The following declaration (below) is the Port of Algeciras Bay Authority’s firm commitment to a port development that respects our Environment - in the realm of its abilities and pursuant to its functions and responsibilities - focusing its lines of action on protecting biodiversity and ecosystems.

The ports managed by our Port Authority provide firm foundations for business activities that generate economic and social development within its sphere of influence and that affect many public and private enterprises located in different locations, whether near to conurbations or to much-valued environmental ecosystems.

Because of the above, our Port Authority is striving to minimize both its impact on the Environment and on the consumption of natural resources within the port by applying the following management principles:

  • To respect environmental legislation – along with any other such obligation – applicable to its activities, services and projects, and strive to go beyond legal requirements whenever technically and financially viable
  • To make appropriate studies and diagnostics to analyse environmental risks that can identify adverse effects or hazards - or beneficial impacts or opportunities - and control significant environmental issues within our port.
  • To incorporate the needs and expectations of interested parties – both internal and external –establishing efficient means of communication with the same regards environmental issues, by notifying of developments from a transparent point of view. With that aim, to publish an annual report available to the public. 
  • To prevent pollution from Port Authority functions and co-operate with the environmental control of external, independent companies that operate in our ports.
  • To protect our natural surroundings, especially in the development of planning instruments and port infrastructure.
  • • To make a more rational use of natural resources by applying energy-efficient criteria to help reduce climate change.
  • To increase participation, awareness and training in environmental matters - both inside and outside the Port Community – by promoting activities together with the public and private sector in their spheres of influence. To co-operate actively with institutions that have a direct responsibility for environmental protection within the service zone of any port managed by our Port Authority.
  • To respect the respect the principles included in “ESPO Green Guide; Towards excellence in port environmental management and sustainability”.
  • To promote development in port business and economic growth for the Ports of Algeciras Bay and Tarifa in harmony with their surroundings and within a framework of sustainable development.
  • To undertake activities to help our Port Community participate in this Policy Declaration as far as possible.
  • To continuously improve the various aspects of our Environmental Management System and our environmental performance by setting environmental targets and other activities. In this sense, to set and review environmental objectives within the framework created by this Policy Declaration. 
  • To ensure the availability of necessary resources to implement this Environmental Policy

Health and Safety at Work Policy 2018

Industrial Occupational Health & Safety Report 2018

Port of Algeciras Bay Authority 2018 Environmental Policy Declaration