The Bay of Algeciras Logistics Area, promoted by the Andalusian Government together with our Port Authority, is set to become the great logistics staging point for intercontinental distribution in Southern Europe. It will help Andalusia to become the Mediterranean gateway for trade reception and forwarding from the Asian and American marketplace bound for Spain, Europe and Africa.

Covering a surface area of approximately 300 hectares incorporating a rail terminal, the Bay of Algeciras Logistics Area is a much-needed link in an efficient and competitive logistics chain, whose aim is to promote the implementation of added-value logistics activities and services to cargoes. The consequence is that the Port of Algeciras Bay will consolidate itself not only as a transhipment hub, but also as the natural platform for the arrival and departure of cargoes coming from or going to its nearest spheres of influence and other, more distant, ones.

Conceived in two separate, yet integrated, sectors – El Fresno and San Roque-Guadarranque, the Nay of Algeciras Logistics Area offers business solutions to companies inherently linked to cargo transportation, logistics and distribution.

El Fresno (sector 1)

Accommodates the most representative commercial usage of the Logistics Area and has a modern service building with state-of-the-art energy efficiency saving technology, housing the administration offices of the Logistics Area itself and those of many other businesses and organizations. It is directly connected to the Port of Algeciras Bay via our North Gate service road, a thoroughfare that channels road traffic from the Mediterranean towards our port areas proper.

Guadarranque (sector 2)

In San Roque, covering a 40-hectare developed area, it is set to accommodate our logistics and transportation park and an integrated business service centre.