The Port of Algeciras continues to be the most efficient in Europe. That is what the Container Port Performance Index 2021: A comparable Assessment of Container Port Performance report, published by the World Bank and S&P Global, states clearly.  The study focuses on two aspects: statistics and administration – methodologies that are considered by the authors to be complementary in adjusting the real performance of a port as a whole.  In the first category, the Port of Algeciras remains tenth, but in the latter, we sky-rocket from 32nd to 11th.

Gerardo Landaluce – Chairman of APBA – has described the new efficiency data published by the World Bank as “wholly motivating”: apart from ranking the Port of Algeciras once again as the most efficient port in Europe, it also confirms the Strait of Gibraltar as one of the areas with the highest level of performance in the world: all of that, in a year characterised by world-wide port log-jams and supply chain disruption.

The prior publication used data from the first half of 2020; whereas the second publication is based on quayside activity from the end of 2021.