This week the ports of Algeciras and Tangier are both visiting the 8th International Fruit and Vegetable Trade Fair (SIFEL), held from today until Sunday in Agadir (Morocco). For the second consecutive year, the ports on both sides of the Strait will be showing what they have to offer for ro-ro traffic at a joint stand. Algeciras and Tangier Med have the same customers and for this reason there is the utmost cooperation to keep up customer loyalty and continue attracting customers who still use other alternative routes and ports.


The sea link between Algeciras and Tanger Med is unique among the markets of Europe and Morocco in that it can provide immediate shipment of perishable goods due to the twenty rotations a day - more than one departure every hour from dawn until midnight. Added to this there is the lower crossing time and the streamlined inspection services at the Port of Algeciras. This all ensures the utmost flexibility, avoiding bottlenecks and saturation.