Port of Algeciras Bay concludes the year with great expectations. Throughput broke through the 90-million-tonne barrier (up 2.5%) for the first time ever, supported mainly by the great end to the year seen in Liquid Bulks (up 5.7%, returning more than 24 million tonnes) and General Cargo (up 2.6%, returning 60.1 millione tonnes).

Container Throughput reached 4.35 million TEUs (up 5.8%), whereas RO-RO – or HGV – Throughput, using the lines that cover the Straits, came to 252,358 vehicles (up 9.0%).

The importance of Rail Throughput originating in or bound for our Isla Verde Exterior Rail Terminal deserves to be underlined, because it has more than tripled its traffic volume to 18,228 TEUs (up 192.1%).

Bunkers returned figures of 2.65 million tonnes of fuel supplied (down 7.3%).


APBA-managed passenger terminals saw customers return to our port in record numbers once again, with 5.17 million passengers (up 7.9%) and 1.19 million vehicles (up 3.9%) flocking to the terminal.  The Port of Tarifa deserves due credit in this department, witnessing even better numbers than its previous best year ever – 2008 – by serving 1.42 million passengers (up 27.4%) and 270,124 vehicles (up 34.7%).