The Port of Algeciras handled a total of 5,1 TEUs (up 7.30%) in 2019, slightly above our initial forecast.  The Port of Algeciras Authority (APBA) Chairman, Gerardo Landaluce, confirmed the news adding that, "...we have continued our import/export container growth by 14% and 8% respectively".  This puts our port on the Strait of Gibraltar at the top of this type of traffic in the South of the Iberian Peninsula - a foreign trade powerhouse both for Andalusia and Spain.

Our repeated, record-breaking Container Throughput was mirrored by our Total Throughput figures, with 109.40 million tonnes (up 1.90%) recorded in 2019.  This return has allowed us to close the decade with a Total Throughput of 950 million tonnes handled at the Port of Algeciras.  Of last year's figures, more than 73 million tonnes were handled under General Cargo (up 6.10%) - as Mr. Landaluce stated, "... this is what has driven throughput..." - and contrasts with a fall in Liquid Bulks (down 3.70%) and Dry Bulks (down 43.30%), along with Bunkering Supplies, which fell by 8.10%.

The Strait of Gibraltar's sea link maintained its pace of growth in Ro-Ro Traffic with 367,814 HGVs (up 8.60%): 326,529 of which opted to cross via the Algeciras-Tanger Med route (up 9.90%) - well over the average witnessed throughout the last few years.  Passenger Traffic continues to rise on the three lines that serve the Strait (Algeciras-Ceuta, Algeciras-Tanger Med and Tarifa-Tangiers City), and for the first time broke the 6-million-passenger barrier (up 2.50%).

Photo: @E_leal_photo