Port Authority of Algeciras Bay (APBA) is finalising work on the new Outer Isla Verde railway terminal in its extension of the port. As confirmed by the chairman of the APBA, Manuel Morón, this is Kilometre Zero of Mediterranean Corridor of the basic European transport network. The terminal, which has received an investment of 16 million euros, has a 750-metre railway yard.

The terminal will provide services to the companies that are now operating, or which are currently setting up, in the extension to the port in Outer Isla Verde, such as Total Terminal International Algeciras (TTIA), Vopak and CLH.

Since the commencement of works on Outer Isla Verde, 1,086 million euros have been invested, of which 545 come from public investment and 541 form part of private initiative. As Morón explained, private investment has given strong backing to Outer Isla Verde and the railway is an essential piece in the puzzle, “especially for container traffic”. As an example of this, he cited the arrival of Asian shipping companies in recent months.

Mediterranean Corridor starts in Algeciras and continues through Bobadilla, Cordoba, Madrid, Zaragoza, Tarragona, Barcelona, ...