The Port of Algeciras continues to be the most efficient port in Europe. That is what both the Container Port Performance Index report – published by the World Bank – and Standard & Poor’s Global Consultants state. In its latest edition, the CPPI ranks the Port of Algeciras as number 10 performer, returning the Strait of Gibraltar port back into the TOP 10, as it had been in 2021.

The Container Port Performance Index 2023: A Comparable Assessment of Performance based on vessel time in port (CPPI)

The CPPI report has been published annually by the World Bank and S&P Global Market Intelligence since 2020, using indicators such as operational efficiency, vessel response time and cargo handling speed, among others.  Since its inception, Algeciras has led the European classification table.  The Port of Algeciras Chairman – Gerardo Landaluce – underlined that remaining at the top “…is never easy: it spotlights our level of operational excellence, as well as giving us an incentive that proves we are on the right path.”  Landaluce also stressed that the data has seen years of effort come to fruition, thanks to the effort put in by all the staff working at the terminals, stowage companies, and technical and nautical services at the Port of Algeciras and throughout the Port Community in general