Banner IV Algeciras Port IT Symposium

22nd November 2018

This Event about Technology, Innovation and Logistics was organized by the Algeciras Port Authority. Following the successful path opened by three previous editions, we were enthusiastic of receiving in Algeciras First-Class International Experts, who talked about topics like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cloud Computing.

The goal of this Event was being a Meeting Point for Logistics and Technology Professionals, who wanted to explore and keep updated about Digital Innovation Ecosystems and supporting cutting-edge Technology. Furthermore, in the framework of our vision to keep on consolidating as the Next Generation Logistics Platform, Algeciras Port Innovation initiatives was presented


  • Digital innovation ecosystem at #AlgecirasBrainPort

Logo LinkedIn Dr. Francisco de los Santos
Chief Information & Innovation Officer, Algeciras Port Authority

  • The Inexcusable Digital Transform

Logo LinkedIn Javier Gonzalez
Vice President Executive Partner, Gartner

  • Corporations and start-ups. Trends and challenges

Logo LinkedIn Agustin Moro
Global Head of Business Development and Global Strategic Partnerships, Telefonica Open Future

  • Innovation or collaboration: How start-ups and corporates make impact together

Logo LinkedIn Vincent Vinkoert
Head of Business Development, PortXL Rotterdam

  • Big data: key technology for business decisions

Logo LinkedIn Raffaele Gricinella
Head of Enterprise Commercial Management, Vodafone

  • Open innovation at logistics. Success stories

Logo LinkedIn Xoan Martinez
Chief Executive Officer, Kaleido

  • Just-In-Time Operation of Ships

Logo LinkedIn Dimitris Mitrodimas
Lead Data Scientist, MarineTraffic

  • Infrastructure automation and application modernization

Logo LinkedIn Javier Martinez
Senior Solution Architect, Red Hat

  • Building the organizations of the future by means of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Logo LinkedIn Miguel Rojo
Head of Solutions Architecture Iberia and Israel - Public Sector, Amazon Web Services

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